This is Oqaab

Oqaab is the first Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) network to serve the Afghan market.

Oqaab is broadcasting the most popular national and international channels, including those TV channels available in full High Definition.

If you are within the coverage area (please check here), your Oqaab receiver allows you to view all national Afghan TV stations in crisp, clear digital quality, free of charge. You can purchase an Oqaab receiver at these select retailers, here.

Once you have your Oqaab receiver, you don’t need a new antenna. Simply connect your old antenna to your Oqaab receiver and begin enjoying digital TV. Detailed installation instructions can be found here.

As for what to watch once you are set up, a full channel list can be found here.

Digital Receivers

More Channels. Better Quality.

Enjoy 70 national and international channels in up to full HD quality with no monthly charge. Get your Oqaab digital receiver today.

Available with HDMI CablePrice: 2150 AFS


Channel Number TV Channel Quality Language Category/Group
1 Quran TV HD Arabic Religious
2 Sunnah TV HD Arabic Religious
3 RTA SD Dari/Pashto General Entertainment
4 RTA News SD Dari/Pashto News
5 Shamshad SD Pashto General Entertainment
6 Khurshid SD Dari General Entertainment
7 Khawar SD Dari General Entertainment
8 1TV SD Dari General Entertainment
9 ZNews SD Urdu News
10 B4U Movie SD Urdu Movies
11 BBC Persian SD Farsi News
12 Maha Movie SD Urdu Movie
13 Afghanistan 24 SD Dari General Entertainment
14 Noor TV SD Dari General Entertainment
15 Jahanoma SD Tajiki General Entertainment
16 Trace Sport Star SD English Sport
17 DW TV SD Farsi News
18 Shara Filmy SD Urdo Movie
19 Tamadon SD Dari General Entertainment
20 3Sport SD Dari Sport
21 TRT Turk SD Turky News
22 MBC4 SD English Movie
23 Music India SD Urdo Music
24 AMC SD Dari Music
25 RT Documnetry SD English Documentary
26 Paigham Pashto TV HD Pashto Religious
27 Cinema TV SD Urdo Music
28 Mahshal TV SD Dari General Entertainment
29 Safina SD Tajik General Entertainment
30 Imroz SD Dari Religious
31 Afghanistan Man SD Dari General Entertainment
32 CGTN News SD English News
33 WOW Cinema SD Urdo Movie
34 Negah SD Dari General Entertainment
35 Gem Life SD Farsi General Entertainment
36 PMC SD Farsi Music
37 10 TV SD Dari Music
38 Maarif TV SD Dari Educational
39 Hades TV SD Dari/Pashto Religious
40 2 TV SD Dari Music and Movie
41 Tajikistan SD Tajik General Entertainment
42 Peace TV HD HD English Religious
43 Rubix SD Farsi Drama/Movie
44 BBC World News SD English News
45 VOA Persian SD Farsi News
46 Aljazeera English SD English News
47 Franc 24 SD English News
48 Russia Today SD English News
49 Press TV SD English News
50 Zee Salam SD Urdo General Entertainment
51 Aljazeera Arabic SD Arabic News
52 Manoto TV SD Farsi General Entertainment
53 MBC 2 SD English Movie
54 MBC Max SD English Movie
55 MBC Bollywood SD Urdo Movie
56 GEM Food SD Farsi Cooking
57 River SD Farsi Movie/Drama
58 Gem Bollywood SD Farsi Drama/Movie
59 Euro News Persian SD Farsi News
60 Z ETC SD Urdo Music
61 IRINN SD Farsi News
62 Zing SD Urdo Music
63 B4U Music SD Urdu Music
64 Warzish Sport SD Tajiki Sport
65 Dubai Sport 3 SD Arabic Sport
66 MBC 3 Cartoon SD Arabic Cartoon
67 Gem Junior SD Farsi Cartoon
68 Hum TV SD Urdo General Entertainment
69 CCNi SD English News


Easy to Install

  1. Coverage check:

    First, check to see if there is an Oqaab digital signal in your area here.

  2. Store locator:

    Locate the closest store location, in order to purchase your Oqaab receiver here.

  3. Install the receiver:

    Take a look at the easy installation guide or watch the instructional videos here.


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